FCP 02 Call 02

Oh boy. We’re at it again.

Okay, don’t go quoting us on this, but, we think we’ve found our niche. Or one of them at least. This past March, when we put a call out for people to write poems and/or short stories responding to and reinterpreting installations in the Phoenix Art Museum, we got an overwhelming response. Our literary community in Downtown Phoenix really loves to write about the things they collectively care about. And you know what? We really love what you have to say.

So we’re asking for your words again. But this time, we’re zoning in on a place – a feeling, an atmosphere, a relationship – that is close to home: Welcome Hospitality.

Welcome Diner is important to me because it is one of the first places that felt like home to me when I moved here 2 years ago. My first summer in Phoenix is decorated with memories of that collective groan of Arizonians enduring 120 degree weather, morphing into sighs of contentment as we all sat under misters at Welcome – enjoying each other, the good food, and the sense of neighborhood and love that inevitably comforted us in that space. I vividly remember sitting on a wooden bench outside, eating poutine, and thinking “So, is this what Phoenix is like, because if so, I’m SO glad I moved here.” It only took a few friends’ birthday parties and late-night burger runs for me to realize that yes. This is what Phoenix is like. 

After that, there’s no going back. Welcome’s atmosphere, mission, and employees truly do capture the spirit of Downtown Phoenix, and house and feed every single local whenever they need watermelon salad or a good PB&J burger. There’s a sort of magic to that, and no one else has the magic but Welcome.

Because of that, Welcome has branded itself into my heart. But it goes further – Welcome Chicken + Donuts is a unique shop located at 16th st. and Buckeye in an old KFC building. The food is incredible, there’s no doubt about that. But what is so astounding about this place is the creativity and heart that go into it everyday. Every time they introduce a new donut – Wisconsin Cheddar Apple Fritter and Grapefruit Mimosa being two of my favorites – the genius becomes more clear. This place is one-of-a-kind. And I’m so glad it lives here, with me.

Welcome Hospitality is undoubtedly about and fueled by community. So is Four Chambers. We think it only makes sense to combine the two. To be able to have a written record that captures individual stories, feelings, and interpretations of the Welcome Hospitality experience is an incredibly humbling opportunity for us. We are honored.

So enjoy some scratch food and good company at Welcome’s establishments, come to our launch party on Tuesday, May 19th at 5pm at Welcome Diner, and send us a piece of work from the heart. Visit http://fourchamberspress.com/welcome for forms and guidelines. Submissions close on Monday, July 6th 2015.