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Four Chambers Press is very proud to announce the publication of our first full-length work, Poems from Deep South Scottsdale, by Bill Campana.

His most ambitious collection to date, Poems from Deep South Scottsdale finds Bill Campana at the height of his game. Containing all the elements we have come to love and expect–the wry, sardonic observations; surrealist, slapstick humor; unparalleled wit; all held together with the ability to bend a phrase in such a way as to make a Cirque du Soleil dancer blush–here Campana goes one better, offering a portrait of the poet with his soul stripped bare. Amongst the detritus of “pretirement”–the cats, the fast food attendants, ticking clocks, decks of cards, loose shoes–poems… sees a man negotiating the inevitable irony and loss of modern society, for whom comedy and tragedy are two sides of a perpetually spinning coin, but can somehow remain hopeful, who can still crack a joke, sounding a quiet, poignant note in the noise of American life.

Print Edition / $18

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