Hi There
Hello. We’re Four Chambers Press, an independent community literary magazine and small press based in Phoenix, AZ.

Our Mission
Our mission is to:

  • Give greater visibility to the literary arts;
  • Encourage their participation in the larger cultural scene; and
  • Help develop a more active community of writers and readers

Publications and Programming
We publish poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, and other forms and examples of contemporary literature. Specifically:

  • Four Chambers, an annual literary journal;
  • Collections of poetry and prose by single authors; and
  • Special projects and anthologies in partnership with local businesses, art galleries, and other cultural institutions.

In addition to publishing, we also organize monthly writing groups and literary salons, readings by local and touring authors, and other literary events and programs throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

The Pun
Four Chambers is a heart: something centralized, organic, and part of a larger body; that connects, supports, and circulates life. We don’t stop working. Our blood has gone into this. Etc etc. Publishing is our business, sure, but we’re a community development organization. We’re not interested in publishing for the sake of publishing. We’re interested in advancing discourse, developing relationships, and building community. We do this out of love.

Our Story
In August of 2011, having just graduated from college with degrees in English and Philosophy, Jake Friedman tagged along with his best friends from college and moved to Phoenix, Arizona from Laurel, Maryland (more or less on a whim). After finishing a thesis on hipsters–true story–and getting a job waiting tables, Jake spent the next two years going to local writing groups, open mics, and readings. While Phoenix had a vibrant and thriving literary scene, it didn’t really have a literary magazine. So, after having a lot of meetings with other people around town and spending a year reading for Hayden’s Ferry Review, he decided to start one. And in 2013, Four Chambers was born.

Since then, we’ve published: a yearly journal; chapbooks, collections, and full-length manuscripts; and special collections in partnership with the Phoenix Art Museum, Welcome Diner and the rest of the restaurant family, eye lounge contemporary art space, and Scottsdale Public Art. (We’ve also produced partner publications with local literary partners like the Spillers podcast, Limited Engagement, and the Northern Arizona Bookfest.)

Beyond this, we’ve organized workshops, salons, readings, and other literary events and programs around the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Some of our favorites have been: readings at Farmer’s Markets, Light Rail Stations, and empty dirt lots on First Fridays; hosting authors from Michigan, New York, and even South Korea; parties for local author releases; and Writer’s Resist.

Selected Articles and Interviews
For more information about how we are and what we do, we recommend: