the hands of your dream
of gathering pieces of shattered glass
and crushing them into a fine dust
so the feet of your fantasies
can walk in the sand
are now holding on to the handles
of a wheelbarrow filled with hot coals.

your old journals from the 1970s
are meeting today to discuss whether
they would rather be shredded or burned.

the steamer trunk containing
all the books you read from years
seventeen through twenty-three
is unlocked…you don’t even have
to search for the key.

the antique typewriter exhibit
in your mental museum
is longing for the poet
you wanted to be forty years ago.

and that is not
the woman of your dreams
standing in the romance aisle
of the used book store.

2014 is not your year.


bill campana made his debut on december 8, 1955.  disappointed with his early attempts at life, he abandoned his native bedford, ohio for phoenix, arizona. disappointed with his early attempts at writing poetry, he abandoned the craft for 20 years before returning with focus and purpose in 1997.  writing poetry with the intent of reading it aloud in public, he has called many venues “home” in the 18 years since, hosting and participating in poetry slams and poetry open mics (more often than not).  bill is currently at {9} the gallery on phoenix’s legendary grand avenue, hosting the open mic portion of the caffeine corridor poetry series, now in its 7th year.  this is his 3rd collection of poetry.

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