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Rooted in the democratic-idealist tradition of Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg, POEMS FOR THE FUTURE PRESIDENT is a rumination on the America we live in now, the America that one day could be, and the Americas that could have been. Bartelt’s poems have a thematic breadth that encompasses ecological examinations filtered through contemporary philosophy, a search for political and ethical authenticity in the over-stimulated information age, and the meaning of romance and tradition in a dystopian present.



President for 20 seconds

Thoughts on “suffering Eastern sweats and Tangerian bone grindings” (While listening to punk rock music / The Smiths)

Wake up, bewildered herd!

Dear Miss America,

Assisted Suicides (or Aid to Death)

An ecological conversation on colony collapse

Poem for the Future President

Phoenix: An Ashtray

Children of the Dumb Great Mother

The great outdoors

Modern Love I: Weathering

On an airplane,

Nonno’s Death

Pig Sympathy


A STATUS UPDATE: Spring cleaning our digital lives

Life in a Glorified Computer Lab

Agency of McDonald’s


Material Girl

I felt like dancing and

Modern Love II

Panic Attack

The gem of the heart is in 7 Eleven


Headaches from scum need human Tylenol




Michael Bartelt is an undergraduate student and writing tutor on ASU’s downtown campus, perhaps best-known for wearing Chuck Taylors and cut-off t-shirts. He currently nears completion of concurrent degrees in journalism and English literature. Though he once was kicked out of a karate class at the age of five for throwing an undisciplined punch, he has since reformed and is a self-identified pacifist. Bartelt, a millennial, disconnected from Facebook one year, one month, and 17 days ago.