For Robert Reich and others who need a soapbox

I believe we share the same thoughts
when I see us on the bus tolerating space to find a fix
in the gaze of the Bimbo Bakery on Van Buren—
mechanically producing enough sweets
to feed all the buses full of poor Phoenicians.

But no matter what we think,
we must always be eager
to discuss sentiments.

We are,
after all,

so let’s identify—

be sociobiological Gods,
be subscribers to authenticity,
be queer and say what’s on our mind.

Let’s have sex with the wilderness and call it an orgy.
Let’s take a nap in the park with the cops and politicians.
Let’s create democracy by making love,
because the current recipe is debased and oversimplified,
and I wouldn’t want to oversimplify our soul.


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