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About Channels, Frequencies and Sequences

A series of prose poems, Channels, Frequencies and Sequences takes personality and turns it into a playlist, formalizing the idea of the internet radio station and pushing the algorithm to its absurd, (il)logical conclusion. What does it mean to be machine-readable? What does it say about ourselves when the computer knows us better than we do? What is the self but a haphazard assortment of traits, thoughts, emotions, and experience anyway? Why not put it on shuffle? Why not ask it to dance?

Suffused with the paranoia of personal data capture, the subtle pretension of artificial intelligence, and the inevitable resentment of the front-end user, Channels, Frequencies and Sequences is a frolicking deconstruction of identity and free will, a pastiche of pop culture and existential randomness, a choose-your-own-adventure story where there is no choice, no adventure, no story, and no you. Happy listening.


About the Author

Michael Brooks Cryer lives in Phoenix, AZ and teaches writing at Arizona State University. His poems have appeared in Ecotone, Quarterly West, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Spork, DIAGRAM, Four Chambers and others. His collection, Selected Proverbs, won Elixir Press’ 2016 Antivenom Poetry Award and will be released in 2017.