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Praise for Rain is the Hourglass of Memory


“Jack’s new work always reminds me of that quiet territory that lies between dream and memory. It’s music overheard while half asleep or like that scene from Bergman’s Fanny and Alexander where the mother is talking to the dead son. It’s a continual witnessing of the moment but as it slips away like smoke or as it echoes into other places.”

Tracy Thomas, Author of Runes (BlazeVOX)

“Ever sensitive to what is happening around him, Jack Evans casts a wide gaze and picks out details that always register as being just right for the poem. There is a range from humor to noir here, and a delicious sense for a lyric that appeals to the sense as effectively as it reflects a generous spirit. The moments of religious illumination weigh heavily on the reader, and have a universal ring to them. This is the kind of poet who leaves you feeling you’d enjoy his company as much as his writing.”

David Chorlton, Author of Bird on a Wire (Presa Press) and A Field Guide to Fire (Future Cycle Press)

“With the eyes of a paint and “the heart of a juggler,” Jack Evans’ new collection, Rain is the Hourglass of Memory, captures the “debris of history” in all its glorious detail, vacillating between his cinematic wanderings and his fleeting meditations, his revelations of secrets—miracles, bells, skin, tongue, “the ragged breaths of passing time”—and his lingering reflections on the scraps of culture that compose his lyrical landscape. Most importantly, he repeatedly guides the reader into a space of finality, where the fragments are being shored and the sounds of jazz are dancing across the water into a perpetual sunset . . . and then you discover that “distance is myth,” that “we [can] paint God inside our eye” and tell the story over again. This is the kind of collection that can only be birthed from intensity and silence, a space in which the holiness of Evans’ wisdom compels the reader to become an acolyte.”

Rosemarie Dombrowski, Author of The Book of Emergencies (Five Oaks Press) and The Philosophy of Unclean Things (Finishing Line Press)


About the Author

Jack Evans was born on the banks of the Hudson during the twilight years of the reign of Roosevelt II. He moved to a little house overlooking the dusty Agua Fria when Lesley King ruled the land. He loves music of all types, and film from many places. He believes in baseball and books. He writes poetry, he reads
poetry, he thinks poetry, and he shares poetry. His work has appeared in numerous publications, and he has performed in venues all over Arizona and from coast to coast since the 1970s. He has also directed a number of spoken word series over the past 30 years, and is currently co-director of the Caffeine Corridor series in downtown Phoenix. He lives in that city with his wife Judy, his dog, his cat, four parakeets, and a laptop.