for Rodney Mullen

The streets are soft and fertile
like a meadow, or the sheets
of lovers’ beds, and oh,
the suburbs could be blossoming
with rails, stairs and curbs
no longer stale – he who dares
mad immanence could glad
the carving of the Concrete Tao
with swerving and with leaping,
ever keeping of the balance
and the liberty of wheels
ever sweeping out the patterns
and the bending of the board
in the threshing of the pavement fields.

Those stairs were never truly meant
to be descended on foot.
The thrashers have the duty
and the bent to let the parking lot
that chokes the earth to be amended,
and to stoke the earth to breathe
again, the captive ground sanctified
by the fire of boys with
long hair and three feet.


02 A Isak BondIsak Bond is a humanities teacher and excruciated Catholic living in Phoenix, Arizona. He is easily recognized by the fact that his eyes are both on one side of his face, like a flounder. Or a Picasso. When he isn’t writing poetry, he’s practicing bi-location, blowing smoke rings, and telling people that he isn’t related to James. His first book, The Sacred Spontaneity of Nakedness, is very naked and available from Logos Kids Press on Amazon.  He appreciates you very much.





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