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In late 2015, eye lounge and Four Chambers worked together to pair 11 local authors with 11 eye lounge artists to produce original literary responses to the artists work. After months of coffee, conversation, studio visits and mutual making of art, the end result, In Sight: An Ekphrastic Collaboration between eye lounge and Four Chambers Press is 8″ x 8″, 128 pages long, and features 20 works of art , 7 poems, 3 short stories and 1 mixed media work.

In Sight will be displayed from March 18th through April 10th, 2016 at eye lounge gallery and artspace (419 E Roosevelt, Phoenix, AZ 85004) with a live performance at the Newton (300 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013) on Saturday, April 16th at 4 pm.

Limited Print Edition / $18

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PDF / $5

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Table of Contents

Constance McBride + Alicia Ochoa Brall
Strata Vita / Constants

Ellen Nemetz + Reese Conner
Lost in Translation / Look How Obedient They Are

Keith Laber + Robert Isenberg
Fluidity 3 / Dream Time

John Randall Nelson + CL Black
Lemon Drop Chimney Top / Nelson

Turner G. Davis + R. S. Mengert

Christina You-sun Park + Jia Oak Baker
Language Structure #1 / Nothing but Theives

Danielle Wood + Angie Dell
Conjoined, Hyperreality / Bubble in the Brain

Cherie Buck-Hutchison + Paul Mosier
Mom Facilitates the Public Reading of the Secret Book for Elders at the Colorado River / Book of Secrets

Tawny Kerr + Rosemarie Dombrowski
A System of String / An Inexact Taphonomy

Ashley Czajkowski + Kelsey Pinckney

Takashi Hara + Christopher Danowski
When I’m a perfect stranger