We’re on a brick road headed into a flat city. This is the city we’ve been fighting over. Should we head in or stay out in the orchard. In the citrus grove. In the empty earth, the rows of grapevine tresses. Should we night & vodka. Should we kind & church-go. The light is waxy on the road. It is always hard to see you. Are you leading the way or abandoning me. We should sleep in the barn, you say, above the horses. No, the horses are uncomfortable with sex, I say. When they smell it. Now you are prancing about like an uncomfortable horse. We laugh. I’m wearing a red coat. There are several reasons why I’ll never enter this city without you. I am on the wrong side of the river. You will always be in the river. Like a soul. We are never this happy twice.



Danielle Mitchell is one of ten poets featured in Pop Art: An Anthology of Southern California Poetry (Moon Tide Press, 2010). She directs The Poetry Lab & hosts the Stranded Artist Series in Long Beach, California. Her work has previously appeared in projects such as Mixed Fruit, dirtcakes, The Million-Line Poem (from Tupelo Press) & is upcoming in Cease, Cows & East Jasmine Review. Danielle is an alumnus of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers & the University of Redlands.

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