Thumb and forefinger held apart just so

by the letter F. Brought to you by

the loveable blue monster

um num num num num,

but who speaks the greater truth,

the man or the puppet?

Who has a hand up whose ass?

There is more truth in Seuss

than sense in the state of unions.

These faces belie lies—oft-told

half truths in the brackets of absolution.

And the promises of men don’t move

mountains, but they carve a stony-

countenanced façade, a permanent insult

in the heart of stolen country.



Jared Duran’s work has appeared in The Traveler and Canyon Voices, among others. He is an unabashed music snob, book junkie, and amateur guitarist. There is a depressing amount of trivia stuck in his head, but that’s okay. He lives with his partner Adrianna, their family, three cats—one of whom may or may not think she’s a bear, and a very large, stuffed panda.

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