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single dashed for passing, we took pisses

on the dividing line of forty-one

just north of the Sharon green. we had built a fire


in the northbound lane and then dragged

a bench over to sit facing

traffic. no cars ever


came. driving home, the lightning flies looked like deer eyes.

in the morning i woke up with a headache and a missed

call from you. it was the longest day


of the year. i heard seasons lag and so

do i. you wanted to talk and i

was thinking about–a remark you made



Here is a picture of where we were hanging out. There were more leaves on the trees that night. It was also darker.

The challenge was to write a poem about the weather. Sharon is where Kevin Bacon lives. Seasonal lag is why San Francisco is so beautiful in October. A Remark You Made is a Zawinul composition.



Matthew Bisenius is a poet and musician. As a postrealism poet, he has a Google toolbar on his internet browser. These are the first poems he has had published. He currently prepares food and performs bastard folk music in Maryland. [Guitar on audio track provided by Evan Armstrong]


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