People always ask me,
“Hey Mike, why do you write lying down?”
Because I like being relaxed.
I’m a scientist.

But please,
let’s never stop being visionaries.
When did we start putting everything into simple formulas?
Let’s never stop loving each other.

I get scared sometimes.
A bird flew up on my balcony ledge once
and I jumped and cowered like a bitch.
Let’s never be slaves to fear.

$1.2 trillion on National Security
2200 nuclear warheads
but I’m scared of a Muslim.

All I want is Culture!

Life is lost and hates sadness.
I love sadness and I love the earth.
Let’s cry and starve together.
Let’s hunt and not catch a single thing.



Michael Bartelt was born in Pasadena, California. He now lives in Phoenix, Arizona and attends Arizona State University, where he’s a senior pursuing concurrent degrees in Journalism and English. He tutors at the Writing Center on ASU’s Downtown Phoenix Campus, and his poetry appears in the student publications Write On, Downtown and Marooned Magazine.

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