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Four Chambers 03 (Fall 2015) is 6″ x 9″, perfect bound, and features 55 poems and 18 prose works from 56 authors



Melissa Acevedo / Elvis Alves / Matthew Bisenius / Ace Boggess / Heather Bowlan / Bill Campana / Janet Cannon / Lisa M. Cole / Jennifer Conlon / Reese Conner / Michael Brooks Cryer / Christopher Danowski / Angie Dell / Jack Evans / Anthony Fair / Nate Fisher / Gary Joshua Garrison / Patrick Haas / Danielle Hanson / Ben Hogwood / Luther Hughes / Allegra Hyde / Edward Kearns / Kitt Keller / Alexandra Leston / Margaret Levine / Barbara K. Levy / klipschutz / Michaela Loewer / Lisa Mangini / Quincy McKittrick Long / Nils Michals / Adam Middleton-Watts / Danielle Mitchell / Kelly Nelson / Rayan NurHussen / Tamas Panitz / Laura Pavlo / Dorothy M. Place / Eliana Ramage / Andrew Reeves / Erin Rodoni / Patrick Roesle / Mather Schneider / E.F. Schraeder / Wilson Scott / Acquanetta Sproule / Nicole St. Pierre / Penelope Starr / Elena M. Stiehler / Troy Taylor / Melissa Tramuta / Gina Vaynshteyn / Alex Vigue / Eric Wertheimer / Denise R. Weuve

and 4 illustrations from local artists 



Andrew ‘Soldierleisure’ Brown / Monica Aissa Martinez / Jeff Slim / Yai




Edward Kearns | Checkout Time

Kitt Keller | Cocoon || Blue Period

Quincy McKittrick Long | A Gentle Atheist 

Adam Middleton-Watts | crocodiles

Angie Dell | Notions of being a Zoologist 

Janet Cannon | last night  

Heather Bowlan | Time of the Season

Denise R. Weuve | Serve Deer Heart for Valentine’s

Penelope Starr | Menu from the New Millennium Diner

Reese Conner | Cow

Elena M. Stiehler | The Elephant Sanctuary

Patrick Haas | Jaguar Parable** || Self Parable

                               Cover Art created by Isaac Caruso

Lisa Mangini | In the Orchard || Self Portrait as Someone Like Myself, with W2s || After You Left there were 834 Sq Ft I Didn’t Know How to Fill

Jennifer Conlon | My Mother Hopes for a Heaven Social Hour

Troy Taylor | Why I Asked You to Call Home

Patrick Roesle | Katherine

Bill Campana | Ritual Quartet / Journey Through the Real World

Mather Schnieder | Digging for the Golden Address* || My Swan

                                  Illustrated by Andy ‘Soldierleisure’ Brown

Allegra Hyde | Talk

Ace Boggess | What Did You Aspire to be?

Erin Rodoni | In Transit, || Fourth of July

Gary Joshua Garrison | Fillings

Alexandra Lestón | Photograph with a Baby Bird

Michaela Loewer | we’re all in love with our own happiness and none of us are happy about it || the thing about family is || everytime i say i’m sorry it’s too late

Anthony Fair | Desires to go Unnoticed*

                                 Illustrated by Jeff Slim

Rayan NurHussen | On Tired Mornings

Margaret Levine | After a Hard Rain

Gina Vaynshteyn | A Girl’s Guide to Storm Hunting || No Gold in the West

Ben Hogwood | Employee Guidelines to Ensure a Pleasant Experience at the Evergreen Towers Hotel

Michael Brooks Cryer | From Channels, Frequencies & Sequences 

Eric Wertheimer | Telegraph

Nate Fisher | My Mother’s Body, With Voice (a Microcosmographia)*

                                      Illustrated by Monica Aissa Martinez

Andrew Reeves | Cotard’s Syndrome

Alex Vigue | Samantha, Humphrey Bogart, and What No One Else Saw

Lisa M. Cole | Things the Moon Says to Me at Night || The Moon has More to Tell Me || I’m Speaking Now on Behalf of the Moon

Barbara Levy | Expressions

Jack Evans | Amsterdam in Twilight

Nils Michals | Of Course the House is a Box || Without You there is No Us || You Must Choose Your Own Adventure

Tamas Panitz | The Message

Nicole St. Pierre | Little Worrier

Danielle Hanson | This Bird is Writing a Play

Christopher Danowski | Love Lost || Love Found

Elvis Alves | Black Moses

Acquanetta Sproule | On the Dot

Melissa Acevedo | The Ring Hidden in Your Coat Pocket

E.F. Schraeder | Fall Hike, Three Good Things

Laura Pavlo | The Color of the Sky in the Nighttime

Matthew Bisenius | you kids are so underprivileged when I was sixteen or twelve I used to go up to the Cabin with my grandfather and we would drink beer and shoot pistols

Kelly Nelson | A Colleague Walks By

Dorothy M. Place | The Waster Hauler’s Holiday

Danielle Mitchell | Little Hendy || Everything as Planned

Luther Hughes | Letter to Langston #38 : Apologies

klipschutz | Final Column

Melissa Tramuta | First Arrowhead || Deer Once Kissed My Hands || Humboldt County, Early July*

                                      Illustrated by Yai

Eliana Ramage | Indian Girls

Wilson Scott | The Circle Unbroken

 * = prize winner / ** = grand prize