The piano is a mass of precipitation
could be rain gently falling
or snow hitting the ground like dust

Sometimes two-fisted knockout torrents
cascading over the edge
sometimes only humidity…
the invisible rainbow in darkness
thick red light thick

A staggering walk down the wildest street
the bass is an echo of thunder
from what seems like hours ago
sunset is a memory owing nothing
to your headlights
pulse is omnipresent

                                        red light
green light

The drums are time capsules
ticking impatiently… mapping out
this body of nervousness
this need to go

                                         red light

A compass needle spinning like a fan blade
you will reach your destination
well after dark and long after
your personal warranty expires

The tenor saxophone is a growl
of sophistication… a throat clearing
incantation of wisdom and reverence

You listen to every note
no matter how fast they go by
or how many of them unify
to blur and disrupt traffic

Your car cuts through the 80 degree
Phoenix nighttime… carves up
the October service as if on a mission

The dashboard becomes an altar
the patron saint of get going
breaks free from his chain
swings off the rearview mirror
rides shotgun

The music will get you there
just make sure you have gas money
and a valid Arizona driver’s license
and proof of insurance

green light


  Bill Campana

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