Where were we yesterday?
Eating strawberries in Monterey,
fried artichokes highway side
in Carmel, chopping firewood<
from a hippy who lived in a tree house
somewhere south of Carlsbad.

We were burning sage in the Redwoods,
roasting tornado red onions
from Napa Valley, after black mussels
cooked in white wine, smoking
out of apples, or slipping
down the hills of San Francisco.

You screamed over every bridge,
I paid too much for cheese,
we lost track of receipts
outside of Sausalito
while drinking from a French press
on the dock of a floating home
as we scooped translucent abalone
from metallic shells.

I loved you there, and there,
outside of ourselves, in the forest
after driving through Chandelier Tree,
hugging an 1800-year-old grandfather.

As your skirt blew back,
as your ponytail grew longer
as cows ate grass
as the coast was an empire
of blue.

Yai Humboldt County



Melissa Tramuta is from New York but currently lives and writes between Mesa and Flagstaff, AZ while completing her MFA from Northern Arizona University. She is excited to have her first non-academic publications be in this issue of Four Chambers. She has traveled around the country and to the bottom of the Grand Canyon siphoning poems from ancient places. She hopes to contribute to American and Queer literature in a way that repays her debt for being saved by poems.

Yai is a self taught artist born in Madrid, Spain in 1987 who is currently based in Phoenix. Her work is a mix of psychedelic cartoon like characters, spiritual thinking, positivity, geometrical shapes and vibrant colors mixed with a touch of sarcastic sense of humor that looks to provoke a smile in the viewer. Her medium is acrylic and spray paint on wood panel or canvas as well as mixed media and murals. Yai’s work has been showcased in many local art galleries and featured in the Phoenix Art Museum. She is currently a part of Palabra art collective. @yaicecream

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