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Four Chambers’ preeminent editor Rosemarie Dombrowski wrote a beautiful and poignant essay entitled, “Academia vs. Poetry: How the Gatekeepers of Contemporary Literature might be Killing It” that was published at the Review Review today (and speaks to a lot of what we’re trying to do here at Four Chambers–and is probably why, of course, we get along with her so well). You can read it here.

In other / similar news: we got reviewed! Read it here. Eternal gratitude + appreciation to Laurence Levey and all the staff at the Review Review for their generous praise and constructive criticism, we look forward to more copy editing / raising those stars for issue 03!

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Jake Friedman

Founder and Editor in Chief


Call for Submissions

Four Chambers Seeks Poetry and Prose for the Phoenix Art Museum

Phoenix, AZ (December 23rd, 2014)… Four Chambers—what people may or may not know is an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, Arizona, also a figurative heart—is looking for local authors to write work in response to exhibitions and collections housed in the Phoenix Art Museum so they can put together a boutique chapbook and stage a live performance in the gallery during Art Detour on First Friday, March 6th (submissions for which close Sunday, February 1st 2015).

Art Loves Literature

Sometimes–in all the hubbub of giving greater visibility to the literary arts and encouraging their larger participation in the cultural scene–people don’t have the opportunity to enjoy art as much as they’d like to. To stop for a moment. Breathe. Smell the roses. The important things in life get missed.

So when things come up and literature doesn’t get to spend as much time with art as it would like to, art can get a little sad.

I mean, I know literature’s been working really hard to create another space in this city where people can come together, have meaningful interactions and build sustainable forms of community and relationship—we’re all so busy trying to do our own thing—it’s just that, well,” art pauses, looks off into the distance and then down. “We just used to have so much fun together. Literature really understood me.” Art sniffs, quavers, and looks up with sad, shining eyes. “I just miss it.”

What happened? Art and literature made each other so happy. They had such a long history. And now, art is completely heartbroken, literature is lonelier than ever, it has no idea what happened, and it has no idea what to do.

Literature Loves Art

So literature called Four Chambers. And after much heartfelt discussion—tears streaming down literature’s face, Four Chambers nodding empathetically on the other line—Four Chambers thinks the best thing literature can do is to ask local authors to go to the Phoenix Art Museum, walk through the galleries, and write something responding to the Museum’s collection of work.

This, the magazine thinks, is the way to win back art’s heart, and will show art that literature cares more than a vintage crockpot from the 1970s or a small yellow cactus in a concrete pot ever could (though both of these would make really great gifts). Then art will understand that literature is truly sorry for whatever it did wrong, people in Phoenix will have a greater sense of cultural cohesiveness and shared identity, and art and literature can continue building the long-lasting relationship they already have.

 Four Chambers Loves You

So all silliness aside,” explains the magazine’s Founder and Editor in Chief Jake Friedman, standing in front of the Art Museum dressed as a baby cupid, “If all we do is help people fall in love with art and / or literature,” adjusting his cloth diaper, shifting the bow and arrow in his hand, “if people can have a slightly more meaningful experience in their life because of this project,” a cold wind causes Friedman to shiver, a wing falling off. “Well…” Friedman shrugs. “That would be a beautiful thing.”

Individuals who are interested in submitting poetry and prose for the Phoenix Art Museum can find more details online at

Individuals who are interested in visiting the museum may do so for free every Wednesday evening from 3 to 10 pm or every First Friday night from 6 to 10 pm, and any other time, the Museum is open for a modest and reasonable fee. Four Chambers will also be organizing a tour at the Museum Wednesday January 7th at 6:30 pm. Selected works are available online at

Four Chambers will also be holding a workshop for the project at Rollover Coffee and Doughnuts (10 W Vernon St, Phoenix AZ 85003) on Saturday January 17th, 1 to 4 pm)

Submissions for the project close Sunday, February 1st, 2015 at 11:59 PM MST.


About Four Chambers Press Local-National


Four Chambers Press is an independent community literary magazine based in Phoenix, AZ that wants to expose you to wonderful literature + give you something to do every once in a while + make your life slightly more meaingful. For more information please visit

P. S. Here’s a flier

03 Call Phx Art


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You can read it here.  Thanks to Lynn Trimble, Becky Bartowski, Amy Silverman, and everybody at the Phoenix New Times for their continuous and ongoing kindness and support, we are, quite clearly, very grateful.

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Don’t tell anybody, but we’re looking for poetry and prose for the Phoenix Art Museum so we can do a live performance / release a chapbook March 2015. Silly press release by the beginning of next week. More details here.


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Just kidding. Or are we?

It’s 11:19 pm MST, we are 13 submissions away from exceeding our maximum monthly amount allotted to us by Submittable, and there are still 40 minutes left before we close our submissions period for issue 03.

If our system goes down, please e-mail us your submission directly at fourchamberspress [at] gmail [dot] com with the subject line “Manual Submission 03 [your last name]”.  If you do not follow these instructions to a tee, there is an extremely high chance we will miss your submission, you’ll get sad, and then we’ll get sad.


Final numbers Monday afternoon. Thanks for a lovely submissions period!