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Here’s a few more suggestions from Four Chambers staff. Enjoy!


Peter Carey

This unique, brilliant novel by Australian writer Peter Carey can be very succinctly and tritely described as a post-death experience, and perhaps more cryptically so as a walk through the valley of the shadow of death. While I’m not a huge fan of citing others when describing someone’s style, an apt description of Carey’s work might be a distillation of Ian McEwan and Haruki Murukami, and yet somehow even darker than either one–maybe that’s an Australian thing. This is a great book for fans of either McEwan, or Murukami, and definitely for those who have exhausted the works of Vonnegut.

Recommended by Jared Duran – Editor




All New Stories Stories: All-New Tales
Edited by Neil Gaiman and Al Sarrantonio

This is a collection of short stories by various excellent authors. I highly recommend the audiobook version. It’s like a book of modern fairytales for adults. There’s magical realism, supernatural beings, a little bit of history, and an abundance of beautiful writing. The best part about short story collections is that you can sit for an hour and get an entire story. For those who don’t have time or attention for a long novel, short story collections like this are awesome.

Recommended by Nikita Boyer – Associate Editor




homage to mistressHomage to Mistress Bradstreet
John Berryman (1956)

If you know Anne Bradstreet — the first female poet to be published in the new world circa 1650 — then this is unbeatable. If you don’t know her, read a brief bio and some of her grandchildren elegies. Then, dive into the Berryman sequence, in which the 20th century speaker has a psychic love affair with Bradstreet. The syntax is the most lush landscape I’ve ever entered. It’s time-traveling poetic erotica at its best.

Recommended by Rosemarie Dombrowski – Editor