53410Blow-Up and Other Stories
Julio Cortazar
One of my favorite writers, Julio Cortazar’s stories present you with impossible things – the narrator becoming an axolotl, or a man vomiting rabbits – and makes them real and extraordinary. “Continuity of Parks” is one of my favorite stories and it’s only three pages long. This whole collection is outstanding.

Recommended by Dan Schwartz – Managing Editor





collected storiesCollected Stories
Lydia Davis (2009)
Davis’ work contains the DNA of prose poetry, flash memoir, and flash fiction — and it doesn’t just cross genres, it transcends them. Best of all, every time I read her I find myself compelled and inspired to write.

Recommended by Rosemarie Dombrowski – Editor






17235026The Girl with All the Gifts
M.R. Carey
Although the genre is trendy and can be trite, zombie apocalyptic novels can be good too. Here, a fungus is the zombifying culprit, though the standard features of genre are present: secret government labs, zombies who don’t act like zombies, ambushes of the undead, broken down cars and tense nights hiding in abandoned buildings. However, none of the people here are simply zombie fodder. Like Justin Cronin’s The Passage, this book’s tension is genuine because each character is thoroughly fleshed out and sympathetic. Also, no spoilers here, but the ending is the best combination of surprising yet inevitable.

Recommended by Mark Broeske – Associate Editor