Submissions for Four Chambers Press are currently closed.

Submissions for Four Chambers 06 will open in Winter 2018.



Four Chambers is a small press based in Phoenix, AZ that is looking to publish contemporary literature. While this can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people, one of the things we take this to mean that your work is personally, socially, and culturally engaged with the world around you (and particularly the thoughts and literature produced thereby).

One of the other things we take this to mean is that we are not interested in traditional form, nor are we interested in pure experimentation. For us, work should be more than formal. We’re looking for something rich, dynamic and multi-layered, with a broad range of emotion, strong voice, originality, clear intention, inventive language, complexity, and a solid grasp of mechanics and craft. For us, the most important things are honesty, thoughtfulness, content and meaning. We want it to contribute to some kind of larger discourse; we want it to get to something human and deep. All of which is to say: it should be good.

We are particularly interested in: concept projects; manuscripts with strong thematic arc, energy flow, and cohesion; graceful hybrid text.

All of these things being said, we’re not trying to hem ourselves in to a particular aesthetic, style or agenda. We might ask you to take a look at some of the work we’ve published and see if your work fits in with us. At the same time, we might also ask you to send us something completely different. We have to actually read something before we can make a decision about it. What we’re really trying to say is that we’re interested in you.

Sometimes we find ourselves quite impressed with people’s resumes—you should see some of these people’s resumes, they’re quite impressive—but ultimately it doesn’t matter to us where or when you’ve been published before, if even at all. Four Chambers loves discovering people—we love being someone’s first—and we love when those people go on to achieve great things. (Even better, when they already have.) Don’t get us wrong. We are serious about what we do. Contemporary literature is incredibly important to us. Some of us even wear button-down shirts for work. But we are a grassroots, community organization.  We are not a formal press. We’re down to earth.

At the end of the day, we don’t want Four Chambers to be just another notch on somebody’s belt, another place you may publish work. We want Four Chambers to be a place of exchange, a place of celebration, a place where people can get a chance to share what they’ve been working on with their friends, their families, the public, and their peers. We want to feel something with you, even if it’s just for a moment, even if it’s transitory and fleeting. Think about it. We’re Four Chambers. We’re a heart. We’re not interested in money. We’re interested in relationships. We’re trying to build something. Send us your work.



Channel: Four Chambers accepts submissions through Submittable (and no other channel) in categories of either poetry or prose.

Genre and Form: Four Chambers is open to more or less all genres and forms of contemporary literature: poetry, short stories, novellas, flash fiction, experimental prose, creative nonfiction, personal essays, etc. While we love poetry–and, like many other small presses, have tended to publish a lot of it–we are particularly interested in novellas, collections of short stories or personal essays, and other forms of prose.

Please note that, for the purposes of this call, we are not interested in anthologies (though we are open to single works written by more than one person).

Similarly, we are not interested in craft essays, interviews, or other forms of technical literary writing at this point in time. We are open to translations.

If you are submitting hybrid work, experimental texts, or other manuscripts that resist categorization, please err on the side of whichever category you feel is closest to the reading experience.

Length and Volume: Manuscripts of poetry should be at least 60 pages long and no more than 160. Manuscripts of prose should be at least 30k words and no more than 80k. You may submit either one manuscript of poetry or one manuscript of prose for a grand total of up to one submission. Do not submit more than one submission

Formatting: If you are submitting prose, please format your work according to generally accepted standards—1.5 to 2.0 lines spaced in Times New Roman font, page numbers in the bottom right corner, with 1” margins. If you are submitting poetry, please make sure each title is clearly distinguishable from the body of the poem and that each poem starts on a new page (with a page break). Beyond this, please format your work as it is intended to be read. Submit your work as a .doc, .docx, .odt, or .pdf. As we do our best to read blind, no identifying information should be contained anywhere within the document.

We might also ask that you use one space after periods instead of two—and, futhermore, that you do not manually indent new paragraphs, instead using the appropriate function in the paragraph menu—but doing so makes us sound a little insane.

Simultaneous Submissions: Simultaneous submissions are okay. If your work becomes accepted elsewhere, please withdraw it from our consideration as soon as you know.

Previous Publications: If individual poems, stories, essays, or other parts of your manuscript have been previously published–as we would very well expect them to be–please provide a list of acknowledgments as the final page of your submission. Previous publications are okay.

Response Time: Our goal is to respond to all manuscript submissions in three to four months (by late October). However, given the unpredictable nature of submissions processes and our all volunteer staff, we would kindly request that you refrain from sending inquiries until mid to late November.

Publication: Accepted manuscripts will be published in the 2018 calendar year or early 2019. More information about the publication process will be made available at the appropriate time.

Fees: There are no fees.

Thank you so much

Seriously. We deeply appreciate and honor the fact that you have written something, let alone considered our humble press as a potential home for publication. Clicking the following link will take you to our Submissions Manager. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you so much for your time. We’re looking forward to reading your work.