In the first of our forthcoming efforts to less shamefully promote Four Chambers 01 (Dec 2013), we are proud to release “single dashed for passing, we took pisses…” by Matthew Bisenius. Not only was Matt kind enough to explain certain deeply buried references to erstwhile jazz musicians we never would have gotten, he also provided a picture of the road wherein it took place and an audio version of the poem (with guitar) to boot.

Bleak, stark, a New England Gothic, “single dashed for passing, we took pisses” brought back every petty, pointless act of vandalism we ever committed as pre- and post-pubescents growing up in relatively quiet, isolated areas. We always felt such longing, so separate, so excluded from things. The wind was always cold. We were always missing. Even identifying with nature  only made us more alienated. Boys are drawn to setting fires the way moths are drawn to flames. We, too, were ultimately disappointed.

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