close to sunset and the last pick up of the day was in the 800 block of east roosevelt
two guys, both wired, not on some-thing, but on their “task at hand, actually…..”
moving guy2 out of his drug rehab housing spot and into the home of guy1
guy1 sits in the front seat, loves my car and tries to make me fall for him by impressing me with all the famous people he knows
guy2 sits in back, bites his nails, swivels his head around, lost.. and seems incredibly,
what is it, vulnerable? so yeah he’s my favorite from get-go
guy1 is onto Mick Jagger now and so I ask guy2, what he is doing with guy1 since he’s obviously not famous
guy2 keeps his eyes on the floor and tells me guy1 is saving his life right now
guy1 says right? of course I would do it, and why did it take you so long, bro?
guy2 gulps back something, a sob? because I hadn’t hit rock bottom yet, that’s why
guy2 addresses me now and points a finger at his own face: this is what a guy looks like who has hit rock bottom, he giggles a bit, yeah, I don’t even have a drug problem, I just had no where else to go
we are pulling up to the rehab place and guy2 gets out, goes inside and starts bringing out boxes and so much shit, all his shit from his home, which he has been kicked out of
guy1 continues to tell me about his famous friends (Billy Joel, Sean Penn)
he is saving the life of guy 2, but not so compassionately
guy2 is now having doubts about whether or not everything will fit in my car and
guy1 is telling him to just leave some shit, like maybe half of the 1000 fat tubed plastic hangers he has
guy2 makes another noise, like he is holding in every crazy thought he has ever had as hard as he can
and I want to scream, guy1! guy1! guy2 cannot handle your advice right now, this is the only shit he has left in the world, even if he does not need one zillion fat tubed plastic hangers for reals, he NEEEEEDS these hangers for his peace of mind, he is poor in everything right now but plastic hangers, guy1(!)
but guy2 does get all his shit into my car,
and as we whip out of the rehab place, guy1 starts mentioning some places in LA where he hangs to eat with his famous friends, and as we get closer to his home, he says to me, so what’s for dinner, my Uber-babe? my dude here needs some comfort, some comforting comfort food, look at my brave little bro here let’s get him food and drink, drink and food right now for my boy! and I am so happy guy1 is finally getting it, because
guy2 does need comfort and right down this street right here I’ve got the perfect place in mind.


Julia Fournier is a second generation Phoenix native, former educator, mother of twin boys and for the past five years, co-owner of The Hive Gallery and The Bee’s Knees Resale Boutique. After retiring from education, feeling she was in a funk, she drove for Uber for a year. She chronicled her experiences on her Facebook page, and a compilation of these stories was run by The Phoenix New Times by “Anonymous.”

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