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Praise for Regulus

Vibrant with sound, image, body, element, animal and human sense, Eric Wertheimer’s “Regulus” is language as wit: smart, playful, elegiac, and beautifully, absurdly us.

Jessamyn Smyth, The Inugami Mochi and Gilgamesh/Wilderness (Saddle Road Press)

Eric Wertheimer’s Regulus is a song of mystery and compassion, a surreal landscape punctuated by ordinary moments by which we gain our bearings, compass points that are disturbing and comforting, sad and love-filled. In this artful and elegant inner dialogue the reader is privileged to witness an experience that feels both private and collective, that reaches back through history to deliver masterfully from that expanse a precise and intimately felt current time.

Rachel Blum, The Doctor of Flowers (3: A Taos Press)

Eric Wertheimer’s newest collection of poems forms a perfect union between the depth of the intellect and the grace of the humanities. These are full bodied poems with insight and agility: cerebral enough to address the ideology of sky but also physical enough to press Goran Dragic at midcourt. Throughout Regulus, Wertheimer listens to the “miasma above real things,” finds reassurance in the solace of corporate landscaping, concludes that the essence of paramecium escapes metaphor, then confides “I can only understand this as something/I teach.” Wertheimer offers ambiguous prayers to an imagined god who listens to the “secret life of secret lives.” These are truing fork poems that unbend the evolutionary trajectory of language with the precision of “vowels darkened by gravity.” From either end of the telescope, the constellation of poems in Regulus shines in the “afterlight of unfatal blaze.” An astronomy of words that is worth the gaze.

Shawnte Orion, The Existentialist Cookbook (NYQ Books)

About the Author

Eric Wertheimer is professor of English at Arizona State University.  He has published poetry in Exquisite Corpse, Tupelo Quarterly, Perihelion, Diagram, Shampoo, Adirondack Review, among other journals. His first book of poetry, Mylar, was published by blazeVOX Press in 2012.